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Power-Outage is a top-down puzzle game where you play as a broken household robot moving around the destroyed mansion of an important scientist from an unknown disastrous event. After learning of the past you exit the mansion to head off on your journey into the remnants of Chicago to find the parts to create the Infinite Battery and bring abundance to all of the remaining machines. Beware however as war-machines seem to strangely be re-activating and the destroyed city has proved too now create a lot of hazards for a robot on a single wheel.

This portion of the game focuses on the mansion and the scientist. Focusing on the small hazards and obstacles that the robot has to face while exploring the house and finding a way out. All while collecting batteries and charging up to handle the puzzles ahead.

Install instructions

The download will  be a .zip file, just extract and run the .exe to play. Don't take the game out of the folder because it needs to access the www folder to properly create save files.


Power Outage.zip 132 MB

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